EHC FIELD SERVICES, INC.                      "Preventive Maintenance = Increased Reliability"

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EHC Field Services has 35 years of experience in the Ultra High Velocity Flushing of Fluid Systems such as Electro Hydraulic Control (EHC) Systems.

Our Proprietary Methodology, is essential in the cleaning of the piping walls, components such as fluid Coolers, Full Flow Filter Systems, etc. of your EHC System during Scheduled Maintenance Outages.

Pictured above is a 2,500 GPM Ultra High Velocity Flushing System interconnection that micronically cleans large EHC Systems (3,000 Gallon Reservoirs) with Main Feed Headers of 3" or larger.

 Our success rate is 100% on Large Steam Turbine EHC System Flushing of this Class!

We will be happy to discuss our overall Ultra High Velocity Flushing System with you personally.


Critical Components from your EHC System such as the pictured Fluid Coolers, are collection points for the deposits of contamination that damage your Servos.

Simple EHC Fluid remediation will not clean these components but will re-contaminate the clean fluid immediately upon circulation through the system.

Our Ultra High Velocity EHC Flushing System will clean the ENTIRE System and ensure proper operation of the System between Scheduled Maintenance Outages (if the system is properly maintained).


Pictured above is a typical EHC Ultra High Velocity Flushing System arrangement for Large Steam Turbines with large EHC Systems of more than 1,000 Gallon capacity. Our method is the proven cure for EHC System contamination build-up and resulting damage and operating failure.